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At Reprise we live by a couple of key principles. We enjoy what we do, and we enjoy who we do it with. The culture of our business is as important to us as the market leading solutions we deliver for our clients. This culture is built by our great people and their passion, which is the fabric of who we are. Apply today if you want to get on board.

Who we are

Reprise boasts as dedicated social committee charged with the planning and execution of team events to reward the team for their hard work. These events include cultural dinners, end of quarter events, media partner and publisher parties and adhoc celebrations. In the summer, we barbeque in the park on Friday afternoon with beers and home cooked foods. End of quarter we celebrate the hard work we’ve done through interactive away days which have included ‘The Amazing Race’, lawn bowls, and murder mystery tours.
We’re a business made up of great people, and we invest in each other which makes us who we are.

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Investing in our people

At Reprise we value our people and work hard to deliver value back to them in turn. Each and every team member has a dedicated Professional Development Plan, detailing areas they commit to focus on for their personal development, and the benefit that will bring to the business. These plans are supported through both internal and external training where appropriate. As part of Mediabrands, Reprise is also fortunate to have a dedicated talent team who run training sessions Mediabrands wide on areas such as – time management, delegation, performance appraisal, emerging managers and more.

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Investing in our people

How we behave

At Reprise we encourage everyone in our company to embrace and live by our values, inspiring the right behaviour. The values of our business were chosen by our people, and reflect not only who we are, but how we operate day in day out. Our values are: Inspire / Progressive / Courageous / Excellence / Enjoy

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Our roles / positions

The Reprise business is one team made up of two streams of specialist roles. These specialties are at the core of our offering, and are the foundation
of our success.

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Client Advisory and Digital Solutions

We are focused on delivering market leading advice and solutions through each and every role/position in our business.

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