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ECPC Changes and how it might affect you

By |May 25th, 2017|

First of all, what is it? ECPC stands for ‘enhanced cost per click’ and is essentially a bid strategy that helps maximise towards conversions. It uses a combination of manual bidding and a smart bidding strategy (such as Target CPA or Target ROAS) to help you achieve your conversion goal. It works by automatically adjusting [...]

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Google Partners Introduces The New Mobile Sites Individual Certification

By |April 5th, 2017|

Google has just released a new Google Partner’s individual certification. It’s called "Mobile Sites" and is available under the Certifications Menu within the Google Partners Profile. This exam covers basic and advanced concepts, including best practices for creating, managing, measuring, and optimising mobile websites. It's currently available in English only. The exam is comprised of [...]

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YouTube Advertising & Brand Safety

By |March 29th, 2017|

Beginning on March 17th 2017 , several large global and local Australian brands have suspended investment in Google’s YouTube advertising platform. This is due to advertising appearing alongside inappropriate content. Reprise has always taken brand safety very seriously and already has a number of processes in place as standard across all campaigns to protect clients. [...]

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Google replaces “Exact Match” with “Close Variant”. What does it mean?

By |March 28th, 2017|

Last Friday, Google announced a further update on close variants for keyword matching. In the coming months, the close variant model will be expanded to include more rewording and reordering of exact match keywords. According to Google, this launch is aimed to help advertisers connect with their users more easily by maximising impressions to more [...]

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Make the time for YOUR Personal Development!

By |March 21st, 2017|

20th March Mediabrands Australia launched it's inaugural Personal Development Day in Sydney. It was a day for our entire team to remove themselves from their day to day tasks and take a step back and focus inwards on themselves with the end goal of the day to create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time [...]

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Pinterest Announces Shopping Update

By |February 22nd, 2017|

What’s The Story? Pinterest is an online photo sharing platform that describes itself as a "catalogue of ideas". It first launched advertising services within the platform back in 2014 with ‘Promoted Pins’. Promoted Pins allow businesses to promote their wares to the Pinterest community by creating sponsored listings which appear in a seamless fashion alongside [...]

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Google Announces The New Merchant Center

By |August 31st, 2016|

Google Merchant Center (GMC) was introduced back in 2010 (as an evolution of Google Base) to help online retailers organise and supply their product inventory to Google in order to market these products through platforms such as Google Shopping (originally going by the name ‘Froogle’ back in those days...). Since then the Google Shopping platform has [...]

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  • Google Performance Summit 2016 Reprise Point of View

Google Performance Summit 2016: Reprise Media Recap

By |June 8th, 2016|

What has Google announced? On May 24th 2016, the Google Performance Summit was held in San Francisco, California. This was the 4th annual summit to announce the latest updates and innovations to Google ads and analytics. Unsurprisingly, the announcements made at this year’s summit were decidedly mobile-centric; although a wide range of exciting & impactful [...]

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  • 2016 search MARKET OUTLOOK

2016 Market Outlook – Ale Vendramin

By |January 18th, 2016|

Search has been the king of online advertising for many years now. 2015 saw Search Ads taking first spot again with revenues of AU$38.78 billion globally.  In 2016 Search Ads will continue to grow to AU$42.7 billion. Most of this growth will be on mobile devices and a large portion of it will be Voice [...]

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Google Update: Right Hand Side Ad Removal

By |January 18th, 2016|

What is changing? From 19th February 2016, it has become apparent that Google is making a significant change to the way in which AdWords paid search ads are displayed on all of its Google search properties. After a long period of testing, Google is permanently removing all right hand side ad placements from the Search [...]