One of the latest features in AdWords makes it easier to monitor and report on the performance of multiple campaigns which are working towards a single common goal. Continue reading to find out how to set it up in less than 5 minutes and why this feature, fittingly named Campaign Groups, can help you save time.

What is it?

Accessible from the left sidebar in AdWords, “Campaign Groups”  allows you to group multiple campaigns together and set up a performance target that’s shared by the group. It produces a forecast for that target, and let you know your chances of meeting you goal. You can set up performance targets for both clicks and conversions.

How to Set It Up?

Under the Campaigns tab, select “Campaign Groups” on the left sidebar in AdWords. To keep track of your campaign groups, Reprise recommends naming your campaign group according to their common goal or denominator (Christmas Campaigns, Summer Sale, Father’s Day Uplift, etc). Select which metric you’re focusing on (clicks for awareness campaigns, and conversions for performance-driven campaigns), your date range and your metric related targets (CPA, Conversions and Spend; CPC, Clicks and Spend). You can create campaign groups based on a combination or campaign types (Search, Display, Shopping, Video), and you can add or remove campaigns from the group whenever. However, keep in mind that if you do changes to the campaign group, this will affect your performance target status so avoid doing constant changes to it.

Campaign Groups Google Adwords 3

Why Should I Use It?

Campaign Groups are great for accounts in which you have multiple groups of campaigns working towards different goals (be it a cost goal, a click goal, a conversion goal). Imagine that you were given a specific budget goal for Brand and you want to keep your client or manager updated regularly on Brand performance. Campaign Groups makes your life easier, by setting up graphs that depict your current and projected results, your chances of meeting your targets and how many days you’ve got left to achieve said targets. It’s particularly useful to report on budget uplifts that are used to supplement your business as usual activity, or for campaigns running with a separate budget within the same account.


Campaign Groups Google Adwords 3


What’s Next?

For now Campaign Groups is a reporting tool only, with no management component to it. It serves it’s purpose as a reporting tool if you’ve got a clear set of goals and want to be able to deliver regular updates to your client or management team. For more detail on Campaign Groups and Performance Targets please and how you can use it to improve your AdWords performance contact us today.

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