What’s The Story?

Pinterest is an online photo sharing platform that describes itself as a “catalogue of ideas”. It first launched advertising services within the platform back in 2014 with ‘Promoted Pins’. Promoted Pins allow businesses to promote their wares to the Pinterest community by creating sponsored listings which appear in a seamless fashion alongside organic content on the home page and related pins section of the site. However, this is currently only available to businesses in the US, UK, or Canada.

Pinterest recently announced 3 important updates to their ad platform:

  1. Advertising services will be available to Australian businesses from 22nd February.
  2. New Shopping & Search Ad formats are now also available in the platform.
  3. Video Ads will no longer be available on reservation only and will be added to the auction model.


Why Pinterest?

Pinterest occupies a unique place in the online content sharing space in that it has actually steered away from calling itself a social media platform – preferring to focus on itself as more of a ‘visual discovery’ engine. As a result, this means that it’s competing more in the inspirational magazine and catalogue space. This is a smart move for Pinterest as the comparatively small user base means that it can’t compete on reach against the likes of Facebook and Twitter.


Pinterest audience


However, the compelling numbers for Pinterest when it comes to attracting businesses and advertisers comes from the intent of users on the platform:Pinterest shopping process

55% of users on Pinterest are there to help with their shopping ideas. People come to Pinterest for ideas to help with planning a number of different moments in their life – whether it be fashion & style outfits, home interior and garden renovation, baby & parenting, wedding planning and more.

The addition of advertising to the AU & NZ markets is a welcome one and the current active user base is not insignificant:

Pinterest Audiences AUS NZ

This audience is around 75% female in both markets and skews towards millennials in terms of age groups, and the main usage across both AU & NZ markets falls into the following categories:

Pinterest categories


What’s New? New Pinterest Advertising Solutions

The big news is, firstly, that Pinterest will be launching their advertising solutions platform in Australia this month on 22nd February – which represents a great opportunity for advertisers to market their products, services and content within the platform to a highly engaged audience. Secondly, Pinterest has also announced new advertising solutions beyond promoted pins:

  • Search Ads
  • Shopping Ads

Pinterest Search Ads are keywords targeted sponsored pins that allow advertisers to reach an action-oriented audience in context, as they are looking for specific things to make, buy or do. Over 40% of the clicks off Pinterest come from search results and related pins. Keyword targeting allows you to reach your audience as they are lower down the purchase funnel.

Pinterest screenshot
Shopping Ads are not keyword targeted on the other hand. They work in a very similar fashion to AdWords Shopping Ads in that advertisers submit a product inventory feed to Pinterest where attributes are then matched to user queries. The Shopping Ad sponsored pins display the product image, accompanying test plus the product price.

In addition, the vertical video ad format which is currently only available for fixed buy reservations will also be made available to the Pinterest ad auction model.

How Do I start?

Pinterest Ads can be bought in one of 2 ways:

  • Pinterest Ads Manager
  • Pinterest Marketing Partner

Pinterest Ads Manager is the native self-serve platform for small to medium business which offers simple, easy access with limited functionality. Pinterest Marketing Partners – such as Kenshoo – are saas providers which integrate with the Pinterest Advertising API and allow for enterprise scale management & easier and more effective marketing consolidate multiple channels in one platform.

Reprise have a deep understanding of both Pinterest Advertising & Kenshoo platforms. Should you have any questions about how you can use Pinterest to more effectively market your products/services and reach your target market, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


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