ING Case Study

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ING DIRECT operates within one of the most competitive paid search environments in Australia where clicks can cost as much as $55. Their objective is to drive applications across savings, transaction accounts, home loans, superannuation and business investments. Paid search contributes the lion’s share of completed applications, making it an invaluable channel.

ING DIRECT required an increased number of applications without any corresponding increase in media investment. To achieve this, our task was to decrease their cost per application by 20% within 3 months.


To achieve ING DIRECT’s targets we audited their existing account to identify areas of improvement. From this we gained three insights;

  • Customers search for banking products in a wide variety of ways, across both short and long tail search terms, which ING DIRECT were not currently covering.
  • Driving potential customers through to the hompage was no longer sufficient to generate the level of applications needed.
  • Customers search behaviour changes depending on the device and time of day they are searching.

The core elements of our strategy consisted of a three pronged approach;

  1. Comprehensive Paid Search audit and account restructuring, developing smaller targeted ad groups in line with the consumer search behaviour and best practice account architecture.
  2. Split testing landing-pages (existing and newly created) to determine which pages drive the best results.
  3. Utilise time of day and device targeting to maximise budget at the peak times through the implementation of robust optimisation calenders.


Overall, the new strategies were a complete success! With the same investment across the 3 month trial period as the 3 months prior, we exceeded all expectations and delivered:

  • 2,601 additional applications generated;  same time period,  same media spend.
  • 213% increase in ‘apply now’ button clicks from the new landing pages.
  • Improved account CPA by 39.78% within 2 months,  over-delivering on the original.
  • 20% target and within a shorter time frame.